Do you like açaí bowls as much as I do? They are trendy, healthy, and delicious...but they can also be kind of expensive. That's why I was so excited to discover Dole Açaí Bowls - a welcome new addition to my staple breakfast foods. I buy a bunch of these small packages - each one of them costs less than $4 - and stock up my freezer. Dole Açaí Bowls come as a finished product with fruit and crunchy granola. There's no need to add anything else! Plus, it only takes 30 seconds to defrost them in a microwave. So quick, so easy and so delicious!



Dole Açaí Bowls are available in three flavors - Original, Protein, and Tropical. You can find them in the freezer section at Shop Rite, Market 32, Wegmans, Price Chopper, Giant Eagle and soon at BJs, Hannaford, and Publix as well.



I love the packaging of Dole Açaí Bowls. They're compact, so it's easy to throw one in a purse and take with you on the go. They often save me on busy days when I really need a quick snack to boost my energy in between meals. 



Thanks to Dole Sunshine for collaborating with me on this post!

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