Oh, it's only the best day of the year

A few months ago I watched Parks and Recreation for the first time and realized that the now so popular Galentine's Day was actually invented by Leslie Knope, one of the show's main characters. Slowly but surely, Galentine's Day has gone from fiction to tradition. I love the idea of celebrating female friendship this time of year, and that's why I decided to throw my first Galentine's Day party! I invited a few of my girlfriends to my apartment for an intimate and cozy day in that involved candles, Netflix, sweets, and lots of talking.


Of course, Galentine's Day wouldn't be complete without my favorite Lindt LINDOR truffles that are not only absolutely delicious, but also beautifully wrapped! Their packaging is both lively and elegant, and it makes for the perfect holiday decor! I filled a few candy dishes with the traditional red milk chocolate LINDOR truffles and scattered a few of them here and there to create a festive atmosphere.

All you need is love & some chocolate

Lindt has been my favorite chocolate for years! And when I was trying to think of what to give to my girlfriends as a party favor, I couldn't think of a better gift then this melt-in-your-mouth chocolate goodness. I got a few gift boxes and filled them with Lindt LINDOR milk chocolate truffles. It's a sweet and special surprise that would make anyone happy! I really hope this will become a tradition my friends and I can look forward to every year!


Thanks to Lindt for collaborating with me on this post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.